How We Work

We specialize in advisory services on politics, divestments, acquisitions and other financial M&A arrangements. We help the owners and the management to plan and execute divestments and acquisitions in an efficient way. We are able to assume total control over M&A projects, offering our clients flexibility, speed and minimal disruptions to their daily operations.

During a sales mandate we bring together the seller and the potential buyers and help our client in finding the best possible buyer for the business. Usually this buyer has synergies with the business for sale and is, thus, able to pay the best price.

During a buy mandate we evaluate the potential opportunity or businesses suitable for the buyer and thereafter bring together the buyer and the potential sellers. The target is to find the best company or business, which meets the prerequisite.

We strive to create a good climate for negotiations for all parties concerned. Our experience with over 500 transactions in a range of different industries, combined with our dedication and ability to make fast decisions, allows us to gain good results in our services.


We are independent of financial institutions, auditing firms and law offices. This gives us freedom in selecting the most suitable partners for every transaction.

Total Confidentiality

Publicity of a transaction can cause anxiety within a company or in the market. We handle all our businesses with maximum discretion, ensuring that confidential information does not get into wrong hands.


We have a long-term perspective in our business, which is the foundation of trust and long-term relationships with our clients. All our transactions are director-led and each project is managed in a bespoke manner, taking our clients’ needs into account.