Fixed Asset Appraisal

PAG professionals have unique experience managing large multi-location fixed asset appraisal projects involving custom designed and built equipment including: automobile plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, mines and special purpose facilities.

Our staff includes engineers, accountants, financial analysts, and attorneys who focus solely on valuation issues.  PAG applies sound engineering principles to traditional valuation approaches when estimating the value of machinery and equipment. By performing both tangible and intangible valuation, our conclusions are integrated and compliant with all financial reporting standards.

Fixed asset appraisals serve many purposes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Purchase or sale
  • Asset-backed financing
  • Financial reporting
  • Insurance replacement cost
  • Purchase price allocation (ASC 805)

Depending on the purpose of appraisal and particular situation, various standards of value may be appropriate:

  • Fair value
  • Replacement cost new
  • Fair market value
  • Liquidation value
  • Salvage or scrap value
  • Insurable value

We carefully plan and execute our work so that client work effort is minimized. We report our findings by location and depreciable life category in an easy to use format that facilitates conversion of our appraisal results into a fixed asset reporting system.