Early Stage Company Valuation

PAG’s vast experience working with early stage companies allows us to deliver beyond expectations within a very short time frame. Most of our team members are entrepreneurs and they stand behind entrepreneurs. Our early stage company valuation is a value priced product that specifically addresses IRC 409A reporting requirements for pre revenue companies. The PAG’s IRC 409A valuation process considers all classes of equity including warrants, options, and preferences. We also consider debt and the impact of future capital raises.

The process we follow is beneficial to management as we pinpoint strategic milestones that are necessary to investors. Frequently the same valuation milestones are not well addressed in existing business planning documents. Once PAG has been engaged, business planning will be improved and operations would be more directly focused on achieving investment objectives. These benefits will enhance overall valuation and improve relationships with investors, bankers, and auditors. PAG’s clients include many investors, venture capital firms, and private equity firms. The knowledge and insights gained from working with these investors can provide a competitive advantage to any early stage company.

Stock option valuations are complex problems requiring critical expert decisions. Every situation is unique, so every valuation should be treated with a fresh perspective using the latest market data. PAG has the experience and credentials to make defensible assertions on the value of any type of stock option or bonus share.