Company Valuations Overview

In a life of a business, there is always an occasion when an unbiased, independent business valuation is the key to the formulation and execution of a strategy. That being said, PAG has business valuation specialists with hands on experience in over 1000 valuation of both private, governmental and public transactions to our credit and representing of $85 billion. We perform this service for the following reasons among others: Fairness Opinions, Stock Option Valuation, Gift and Estate Tax Planning, Financial reporting, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Recapitalization and Mergers & Acquisitions.

PAG provides credible and honest valuations that are tailor made for each unique situation by using the most contemporary and advanced valuation methodologies. Our timely conclusions are accurate and up to date and are backed by team experience in a collaborative effort and market data. On the point expect analysis centered on profit margins improvement and turbocharging of after tax wealth. We guarantee that.