IPO Advisory Overview

PAG professionals have advised on more than 500 IPOs globally.

Our experience ranges from large IPOs that transformed the capital markets, to mid-market growth companies with exciting opportunities whose market capitalizations were more than tripled post-IPO.

Through our collective experience, we have navigated virtually every aspect and challenge that may arise during the IPO process and beyond as our clients begin their lives as public companies. We understand the significant regulatory, market, and media issues facing companies as they move through the IPO process. Working hand-in-hand with leading investment banks, law firms and presentation trainers, we offer creative and practical solutions to meet these challenges. Every IPO is unique, therefore we create individualized solutions that are tailored to each client based on numerous factors including the underwriting team, the management team and their public company experience, and current market dynamics.

While an IPO is one of the most significant events in a company’s lifetime, an IPO is not the finish line, but rather the start of life as a public company. Our professionals provide the critical assistance so that CEOs and CFOs can properly communicate and manage expectations to build long-term shareholder value.

We strongly advocate that companies develop their investor relations strategies long before filing their IPO. PAG’s IPO services include:

  • Investment bank/sell-side analyst recommendations
  • IPO roadshow slide development
  • Presentation and Q&A preparation
  • “Pricing day” business press considerations
  • IR website development and coordination
  • Shareholder communication systems
  • Employee communications and spokesperson guidelines
  • Conduct “Disclosure 101” programs for senior staff
  • Create post-IPO sell-side, buy-side target lists
  • Preparation for first earnings release and conference call